Refill Room Diffuser 275ml Pattaya


Categories : home aroma room diffuser


The freshness you would get from the sun, sand and sea when visiting Pattaya beach, Chonburi inspired the creation of happiness and delightful scent that gives you the true feeling of relaxation.

How to Use 

Pull out the stopper from the bottle and pour the product into the Reunrom container or a new one that suits your style. After that, place the sticks into the container to absorb and spread the scent in the room. To refresh the fragrance, flip the dry side. The fragrance depends on the weather condition and room size.

1. Keep away from children and pets.
2. Keep the caps tightly closed when the diffuser is not being used.
3. The fragrance can last longer depending on the number of sticks, the room size, weather condition and temperature.

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