Room Diffuser Kwan Kao 200ml


Categories : home aroma room diffuser


Product description: This room diffuser draws its inspiration from The Kwan Khao Tradition, a Thai tradition that shows the unity amongst farmers for worshipping the Goddess of Rice Grains. The room diffuser opens with a sweet, floral scent of Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, and a variety of fruits, intertwined with delicate notes of Rice and Honey reflecting Thailand’s agricultural prosperity as the proverb says: “In water, there is fish; in the field, there is rice”. The scent ends with rich, comforting notes of Musk and Sandalwood that transports you to golden rice fields in full bloom.

How to use: Remove the rubber cap and place the rattan reeds into the bottle to let them soak up the scent and dispense it into the air. To refresh the scent, turn the sticks upside down. The fragrance strength depends on the weather condition and the room size.

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