Thai Temple Fair Aromatic Oil 10ml.


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Product Info 
This aromatic oil is inspired by the vibrant atmosphere of a Thai temple festival, taking you back to those good old days again. As you joyfully walk around, you inhale a sweet, delicious aroma of candy sugar sculptures and fresh buttered popcorn newly toasted in an old-style popper, its aroma drifting through the air in all directions. This scent opens with fruity notes of orange and apple to awaken your inner child, followed by a harmonious blend of fresh milk, coconut, and cinnamon that reminds you of the merriment when playing a variety of games offered at the fair. Whenever you think about it, you cannot hide your smile. The scent finishes with a warm base note of vanilla and musk to let you take a short break from your most vivid travel memory.

How To Use 
It is recommended to dilute the aromatic oil by adding 5 drops of it to 100 ml of water and use with aroma diffuser or essential oil burner. The fragrance strength depends on the weather condition and room size.

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