Kopitiam Aromatic Oil 10ml.


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Product Info 
Get swept away by the wonderful aroma of a traditional coffee shop in southern Thailand. The opening notes of energizing coffee recline into the warm, dreamy notes of fresh milk, caramel, and sweet-smelling candy, reminding you of a morning walk in the south of Thailand where you can relax and admire a simple, peaceful way of life of friendly locals. As you look around, you are surrounded by stunning old-style architecture that is engraved in your memory forever. The fragrance of this room diffuser ends with comforting notes of vanilla and fragrant powder, making your home smell like a stress-free holiday and keeping you in a good mood all day long.

How To Use
It is recommended to dilute the aromatic oil by adding 5 drops of it to 100ml of water and use with aroma diffuser or essential oil burner. The fragrance strength depends on the weather condition and room size.

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