Room Diffuser 150 ml. Summer Heaven (PHYTONCIDES TECHNOLOGY)



Product Info 
This room diffuser is inspired by “Forest Bathing”, a practice that lets you connect with nature once again. The sweet fragrance of luscious tropical fruits evokes the sights, sounds, and smells of a summer day. It opens with refreshing and fruity notes of juicy mango, complemented by the gourmand scent of lime. In the heart, soft floral notes deliver an enchantingly delightful smell of rose and wildflowers in the morning, accompanied by ripe peach and grapefruit. It ends with warm and creamy scent of vanilla and caramel, flawlessly intertwined with a crisp and clean bouquet of musk. It also features “Phytoncide Technology”, a unique aromatic compound released by plants that kills germs in the air yet friendly to human, making you feel less exhausted, stress-free, carefree, and overflow with optimism.

How To Use 
Open the rubber cap and place the wooden sticks into the bottle to pull the fragrance oils from the bottom of the bottle to the top of the stick, where the scent then evaporates into the air. To refresh the fragrance, turn the sticks upside down. The fragrance strength depends on the weather condition and room size.

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