Spa Body Sarub

Spa Body Scrub

REUNROM Summer Mango & Passion Fruit Gel Body Scrub

Tropical fruits Gel Body Scrub (Mango and Passion Fruit)

A body scrub that features the pure combination of famous tropical fruits such as Mango and Passion Fruit to offer radiant and plump complexion amidst glaring sun. With the essence of sugar and Amino Acid from Mango blended with Lycopene and various Vitamins from Passion Fruit, your skin’s moisture is replenished and stays moist for a long time. Moreover, it also helps in adjusting skin condition for smoothness and elasticity while eliminating impurities and exfoliating inactive skin cells with natural scrub such as soft Luffa and Coconut. Achieve supple skin and feel energized after each use from its refreshing scent of summer.

  •  Clear gel texture for smooth and elastic skin
  • Hydrated and refreshes skin with Mango and Passion Fruit essence
  • Soft scrub beads from luffa and coconut

REUNROM Warm Chilli & Salt Body Scrub

Burn fats and reduce cellulites for a smooth and radiant skin

Introducing the salt scrub that offers warm sensations when used on skin. It is formulated with essence from Chili extract that helps in diminishing cellulites and burning fats under the skin as well as eliminating fat residues on various parts of the body. Blended with tiny sea salt particles and Jojoba scrub, this item helps in inactive skin cells exfoliation and stimulates the body for bright appearance. Achieve smooth and purified skin that remains hydrated through the combination of Olive Oil and Rice Bran Oil that offer healthy skin.

  •  Warm and relaxing sensations while using
  • Burns cellulites and reduces the accumulation of fats with Chili extract
  • Exfoliates inactive skin cells for radiance with pure sea salt and jojoba scrub

REUNROM Detox Coffee Whip Cream Body Scrub

Detox skin for a healthy appearance

Whip Cream scrub that is blended with specially selected natural and pure coffee from high mountains to offer smooth and healthy skin. With the properties of coffee scrub that contains Tannin and Caffeine, it helps eliminate accumulated toxins under the skin as well as various chemical residues. In addition, it helps balance skin while reducing cellulites naturally. The soft and fine whip cream nourishes skin gently and intensely and the mild scent from fresh coffee beans that were neatly roasted brings about relaxation and relieves anxiety while the scrub purifies the skin for softness.

  •  Detoxifies skin
  • Adjusts skin for naturally balanced skin
  • Soft whip cream blended with Coffee essence


REUNROM Natural Orchid & Wild Water Plum Butter Body Scrub

Replenishes moisture specially for dehydrated skin

Experience the charm of Thai scent while using this body scrub with the concentrated butter texture that provides soft touch to the skin. This scrub offers moist effect and is ideal for dehydrated skin. Blended with the rare Orchid & Wild Water Plum that gives refreshing scent and known for their abilities in nourishing and restoring fatigue skin, your skin becomes more radiant and refreshed. This item comes with soft Luffa and natural scrub that helps in skin cells exfoliation as well as dark spots and dryness reduction. Besides, it also offers plump complexion with Cocoa Butter essence blended with Olive oil, Rice Bran oil and honey to replenish soft and radiant skin that looks healthy.

  • Hydrates and restores skin for radiance
  • Soft scrub for inactive skin cells exfoliation
  • Natural scent from orchid and wild water plum

REUNROM Lychee Sorbet Cooling Body Scrub

Brings back the glow and exfoliates inactive skin cells

Enhance cooling sensation with this Sorbet Cooling Body Scrub that features the power of antioxidants from red Lychee to help tighten pores, exfoliate inactive skin cells gently and offer bright skin. Moreover, this scrub helps restore damaged skin cells to become healthy and elastic through the combination of Collagen from deep sea fish. The combination of Hyaluronate maintains moist appearance by locking-in moisture and soft natural scrub from Jojoba helps in gentle skin cells and impurities exfoliation. You’ll achieve flawless, youthful and pinkish radiant skin as the end results.

  • Enhance cooling sensation by chilling before use
  •  Concentrated with antioxidants from Lychee
  • Gentle inactive skin cells exfoliation
  •  Soft scrub from Jojoba Oil and natural luffa scrub



REUNROM Miss Beauty Queen Body Scrub

Luminous, smooth and flawless skin

This Thai Beauty Queen body scrub recipe features the combination of Thai herbs such as pure Tamarind and yellow-gold Turmeric blended with pure and natural Rice Bran Oil. The texture is soft to the touch to offer you moist skin after each use. It comes with the miracle of Turmeric and Honey as well as AHA from Tamarind and Star Fruit to promote inactive skin cells exfoliation for you to reveal bright and smooth skin. Moreover, it also helps in diminishing dark spots, dullness with fine Luffa scrub, allowing you to reveal flawless skin.


  •  Moist and youthful skin
  • Inactive skin cells exfoliation, blemishes reduction with AHA
  • Blended with pure oil for moist and hydrated skin while usingCaution: Stop using and seek medical treatment if any sign of abnormality appears.

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