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REUNROM Room Diffuser Bang Len Scent

This scent is inspired by the wind that blows through 3 different species of Jasmine which are Sambac Jasmine, Malabar Jasmine and Arabian Jasmine at Bang Len, Nakhon Pathom. The combination of mild vanilla scent and various kinds of flowers help create a contemporary fragrance for the city dwellers. This Bang Len scent will help uplift your mood every time you smell it.

REUNROM Room Diffuser HUA HIN Scent

The smell of sea, sand and sun at Hua Hin beach, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Prachuap Khiri Khan, are captured in this room diffuser  to give you the true feeling of relaxation and freshness when visiting Hua Hin beach with its great combination of Green, Citrus, Tea, Spicy, Woody and Musk. This scent will help uplift your mood and promote vigorousness to the next level.

REUNROM Room Diffuser FANG Scent

The scent is inspired by various types of oranges from an enormous orange orchard at Fang, Chiang Mai. The combination of citrus such as Tangerine, Japonica Thunb, Sinensis, and orange peel oil in a specific proportion using Reunrom’s special technique gave rise to the unique creation of orange essential oil that makes you feel energetic, balances your mood and freshens up your room.

REUNROM Room Diffuser Doi Pui Scent

The alluring scent from rose that are grown at Bhubing palace which is located at Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, Chiang Mai inspired the creation of this delicate and beauteous scent. It contains the blend of rose petal oil and various kinds of plants such as Citrus, Iris and Musk to deliver you delightful scent and bring back to memories of the graceful sceneries and the beauty of roses at Doi Pui.

REUNROM Room Diffuser Ratchaburi Scent

The mellow smell of grapes from Grape Field at Ratchaburi inspired  the creation of this distinguished scent. With the combination of mild vanilla scent, it helps create the true sense of calmness and relaxation amidst the captivating and serene sceneries of grape field.

REUNROM Room Diffuser Pattaya Scent

The smell of sea, sand and sun at the beach are captured in this diffuser to give you the true feeling of relaxation at Pattaya beach with its great  combination of citrus, lavender, cedar wood, musk and rosemary. This scent delivers the freshness you would get when visiting Pattaya beach, Chonburi, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thailand that everybody would want to visit once in their lifetime.

REUNROM Room Diffuser Tha Tian Scent

The mix of old & new city vibe, contemporary architecture, and the atmosphere of Tha Tian inspired the creation this scent that features an exclusive combination of lavender, mint, rosemary and spearmint which make it become the most popular room diffuser that could provide the true sense of relaxation as well as putting you into a deep sleep.

REUNROM Room Diffuser Kaeng Krachan Scent

This scent is inspired by Kaeng Krachan National Park, the rainforest  that remains cool throughout the year. The smell of mountain and rainforest are captured in this diffuser that features the scent of the tree bark, morning dew, and herbs such as eucalyptus and peppermint which are sure to provide relaxation and transport you to the forest  where you can close your eyes, relax and feel peaceful amidst the wilderness of the forest. Experience the ultimate relaxation with this diffuser that can truly give you the smell of nature.

REUNROM Room Diffuser Sukhothai Scent

The smell of Lemongrass which is widely cultivated in Sukhothai,
the province that represents the dawn of happiness and glory, is captured in this diffuser that features the combination of other Thai herbs including lime skin, bergamot and citrus to create a high-end, unique and authentic essential oil to uplift and freshen up your mood.


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